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Dramatherapy makes use of role play, voice work, myth, ritual and storytelling. Movement and objects can also be used expressively without words. It can help increase clients' self awareness and offer a creative way for an individual or group to explore and solve personal and social problems.

The dramatherapist encourages self-awareness, exploration and reflection of feelings and relationships with theirself and others. This offers the opportunity to change by experimenting in different ways of thinking, feeling and behaving.

By encouraging creative expression, individuals and group members can feel involved in relationships with others and in the course of having some fun, clients can build self confidence and self awareness. Through role play and experimenting with alternative behaviours and strategies, clients can learn to deal with social situations with increased understanding and assertiveness.

Dramatherapy offers a safe environment to reflect upon existing beliefs, attitudes and feelings and the opportunity to try alternative ways of acting in the world.

A variety of settings

Dramatherapists work in variety of settings these include:

  • mental health areas
  • education
  • child care
  • training centres
  • services for people with learning disabilities
  • prison and probation service
  • private sector

Entry requirements and training

Information on entry requirements and training


Information on pay for dramatherapists.

How to apply for job vacancies

Job vacancies are advertised in a range of places. Most NHS trusts will advertise their vacancies on the NHS Jobs. Some will also advertise in trade journals and on trust websites. For a list of trusts, please visit the NHS Choices website

Other relevant roles

There are occasionally opportunities to work alongside dramatherapists and other mental health professionals in related roles.

Further information

The British Association for Dramatherapists
Battledown Approach
GL52 6RE

Tel: 01242 235515
Email: enquiries@badth.org.uk