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Ambulance Service Team

Ambulance Service Team

There are a variety of different opportunities for you within the ambulance service.

The ambulance service is not just about responding to a 999 call with an emergency ambulance crew. There is also a team of people with different roles who provide the vital back-up, as well as the non-emergency patient transport service that is so valued by the community.

Before the accident and emergency crews take to the road, other members of the trained team take the 999 call, decide rapidly what action is needed and then ensure that it happens.

If the situation is critical, one of the control staff might have to talk a distressed caller through a lifesaving procedure or collect more essential information as the ambulance travels to the scene.

Less obvious on our streets, but still essential, are the non-emergency ambulances. Day after day, patient transport services, as they are known, carry disabled, elderly and vulnerable people to and from outpatient appointments, hospital admissions, day centres and clinics. Without them, many people would be unable to carry on leading independent lives in the community.

The entry requirements and skills required will vary, as will the pay, depending on the role you decide to work in.

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