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Financial support for students on dental hygiene and dental therapy courses

A review of the NHS bursary scheme in July 2011 concluded that students on NHS funded courses will all have access to the same package of financial support from September 2012.

These arrangements will provide new students with a small non-means tested grant, a larger means tested bursary and a reduced rate non-means tested loan. Different rates of means tested bursary and loan will apply according to where a student lives in the country.

The new arrangements remove the discrepancy between funding available to students on a diploma course or a degree course.

Changes will only apply to new students who begin their training on or after the date September 2012. Existing students will remain on the current scheme.

Financial support

Students on university courses in dental hygiene or dental therapy (which lead to registration with the General Dental Council) may be eligible for financial help from the NHS, while studying.

Eligible students who are accepted onto approved courses will usually have their tuition fees paid in full and may receive financial support in the form of a bursary.

All eligible students will receive a £1,000 grant each year. They will also be eligible to apply for an additional means-tested bursary of up to £4,395 per year. Students in London will qualify for more (up to £5,460)

NHS Student Bursaries provides financial support to eligible students taking approved (NHS funded) courses in dental hygiene and dental therapy.

(Note that the above arrangements relate to students commencing courses from September 2012. Eligible students starting approved NHS-funded courses in 2011 will usually have their tuition fees paid in full and are eligible for a bursary. This is means-tested for students on approved degree programmes and non-means tested for those on approved diploma of higher education programmes)

Further information

Contact the university/universities you are planning to apply to, to find out if the course you are applying to is an approved course and attracts NHS financial support.

To be eligible for financial support from the NHS, you must meet certain criteria.

Please visit the NHS Student Bursaries' website for more information including:

  • eligibility requirements
  • the financial support available
  • an online bursary calculator
  • how the process of applying for financial support works
  • frequently asked questions
  • the latest rate
  • details of the adoption award
  • details of the maternity support award