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Pay for doctors

This page outlines the pay for doctors from 1 April 2015.

Doctors in training

All doctors in training earn a basic salary and may be paid an additional supplement depending on their working pattern.

In the most junior hospital trainee post (Foundation Year 1) the basic starting salary is £22,636. This increases in Foundation Year 2 to £28,076. For a doctor in specialist training the basic salary is between £30,002 and £47,175.

Specialty doctors

Doctors in the specialty doctor grade earn a basic salary of between £37,176 and £69,325.


Consultants can earn a basic salary of between £75,249 and £101,451 per year, dependent on years of seniority in the consultant grade. Local and national clinical excellence awards may be awarded subject to meeting the necessary criteria. 

General practitioners

Many general practitioners (GPs) are self employed and hold contracts, either on their own or as part of a Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). The profit of GPs varies according to the services they provide for their patients and the way they choose to provide these services.

Salaried GPs have a salary range  between  £55,412 and £83,617. It is up to the employing organisation to decide how much to pay a Salaried GP within this range.

For more information about pay for doctors, visit the NHS Employers website.