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Health informatics

Skills required

Health informatics

Health informatics is a very diverse and rapidly changing area of the NHS and the skills and knowledge you will need vary from job to job. There are certain skills and qualities that you may find useful in pursuing a career in health informatics.

  • Communication

    Some roles will have contact with patients, so effective skills in communicating information to colleagues, patients, clients, their relatives and carers will be required.

  • Information gathering and organisation

    Many roles require good presentation and organisational skills such as knowledge management positions.

  • Information technology

    Staff working in ICT areas will need good technical skills and an ability to diagnose problems in a systematic manner. Computers are an essential part of working with information today, so all health informatics staff need to understand them and be comfortable using them.

  • Numeracy

    High-level numeracy or analytical skills are key to many information management roles

Above all you need enthusiasm, the ability to work accurately under pressure and on your own initiative and to work in a team.