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Healthcare science training

Healthcare science training

Careers and training in healthcare science has been revitalised by the Modernising Scientific Careers (MSC). Training is more consistent and patient focused, allowing trainees at all levels to gain practical and engaging workplace experience as soon as they start, coupled with academic learning.

Variety of training routes

Significant changes have been introduced - such as the Scientist Training Programme for graduates and the Practitioner Training Programme for undergraduates.

New courses and training pathways are being developed and will be rolled out in 2013 at assistant and associate level and in Higher Specialist Scientific Training for clinical scientists.

As a result, the infomation about healthcare science training on this website will be subject to considerable change over time.

If you are considering a healthcare science career, then you are strongly advised to check this website and other official sources to get the latest information. Specifically, you will need to check the routes into each career individually.