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Managers in the NHS

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Managers in the NHS

The NHS provides an enormous range of services to some 57 million people in England. Without skilled and dedicated managers to lead and run it, the NHS would not be able to do what it's here for - treating and caring for patients.

Managers are a key part of the NHS. Whether they are managing the talented, hardworking staff, controlling the finance or providing the equipment, buildings and services, managers are crucial to the delivery of effective healthcare.

Opportunities in the NHS are many and varied - for example, you could be a manager running a GP's surgery or a chief executive controlling a large hospital with a budget of millions of pounds.

How the NHS is best organised and delivered is one of the great social and economic issues of the 21st Century in this country. Being a manager in the NHS will put you in the front line as this future unfolds.

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General managers in the NHS cover a tremendous range of areas, including: