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Financial support for students on pre-registration midwifery courses

Midwifery students on university courses (leading to registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council) may be eligible for financial help from the NHS while studying.

All eligible students will:

  • usually have their tuition fees paid
  • receive a £1,000 grant each year.
  • be eligible to apply for an additional means-tested bursary of up to £4,395 per year (students in London will qualify up to £5,460).

Note that the above arrangements relate to students commencing courses from September 2012. Students on courses before this date remian on the previous scheme.

Further information

Contact the university/universities you are planning to apply to, to find out if the their course(s) is approved nd attracts NHS financial support.

To be eligible for financial support from the NHS, you must meet certain criteria.

The NHS Student Bursaries' website has more information including:

  • eligibility requirements
  • the financial support available
  • an online bursary calculator
  • how the process of applying for financial support works
  • frequently asked questions
  • the latest rates
  • details of the adoption award
  • details of the maternity support award.