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Returning to nursing

Returning to nursing

If you’re ready to come back, we would love to have you. Your skills and experience are invaluable and we aim to make it as straightforward as possible for you to return.

Returning to nursing is a big decision and you’re bound to come across a few changes since you left. Now is a good time to return and be optimistic about the future of nursing.


Return to practice (RTP) programmes have been refreshed across the country. They are designed to meet your professional needs, depending on how long you’ve been away from nursing.

You can choose part-time or full-time training, which will usually take between three and six months to complete. RTP programmes vary across the country and each local university runs the programmes slightly differently.

In general, you can expect:

  • your course fees paid
  • additional financial support towards travel, childcare and book costs
  • your clinical placement to be supernumerary 
  • theory and clinical-based training
  • access to a mentor
  • preceptorship support once you have gained employment 
  • simulation techniques to practice skills.

Information on the RTP courses in your area is available on our course finder.

Safe effective care

The commitment to increasing the nursing workforce will mean you will be able to do the job you were trained to do. You will:

  • lead on the delivery of safe effective care
  • contribute positively to the patient, carer and family experience
  • make every contact count to improve health and well-being.

The vision offers you the opportunity to make sure other professionals you work with understand your role and value what you bring to nursing.

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