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Assistant clinical psychologist

Posts for assistant psychologists are advertised from time to time within the NHS. The exact role will vary between posts and employers, but would typically be to provide a clinical service under the direction and supervision of a qualified psychologist (who would usually retain clinical responsibility for all clinical work carried out).

Working as an assistant clinical psychologist

Assistant clinical psychologists work as part of a multidisciplinary team and may be involved with:

    • carrying out neuropsychological assessments, using a standardised test battery (including research and understanding of the assessment, organsing the subtests, scoring, analysing and initial preparation of a formal report) as part of a comprehensive multidisciplinary assessment of clients in the memory clinic.
    • contributing to multidisciplinary discussion of clients including diagnosis, treatment issues, risk assessment and care plan issues.
    • undertaking specified behavioural observations and assessments.
    • carrying out interviews with clients, carers, family or proxies and to seek and aquire specific information by reading notes, investigating histories etc.
    • carrying out specified treatment and intervention programmes with clients, with groups of clients or indirectly through helping client's proxies (e.g. carers, relatives, and advocates).
    • coordinating focus groups for specific projects related to the needs of the health community.
    • undertaking relevant research.

In addition, they would be expected to maintain clear written records, draft reports, letters and summaries of assessments and observations of treatments. Asistant clinical psychologists also work with professionals from the NHS, social services and other agencies.

How to apply

Applicants for these posts usually need a degree in psychology, recognised by the British Psychological Society (BPS). Experience in such posts can lead onto clinical psychology training.

For details of assistant psychology posts, please visit the NHS Jobs website, where you can search for vacancies, download job descriptions, person specifications and apply online.

Also visit the BPS website for job vacancies.