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General information about pay in the NHS

Most jobs in the NHS are covered by the Agenda for Change (AfC) pay scales. This pay system covers all staff except doctors, dentists and the most senior managers. 

In AfC, the NHS job evaluation system determines a points score which is used to match jobs to one of the nine pay bands and determine levels of basic salary.

Each of the nine pay band has a number of pay points. Staff will normally progress to the next pay point annually until they reach the top of the pay band. In addition to basic pay, there is also extra pay for staff who work in high cost areas such as around London.

Pay for wider healthcare team staff

The wide range of career opportunities in the wider healthcare team is reflecting in the pay and rewards available.  For example, finance assistants or porters are typically paid at Agenda for Change Band 1, HR adviser at Band 5 with managerial posts attracting higher bandings. Other examples of roles in this work area, with typical Agenda for Change pay bands, include medical secretary (Bands 3-4), linen/laundry supervisor (Band 3) and estate maintenance worker (Bands 3-5).

Administration services
These are examples of roles and the AfC bands at which they may be paid:
clinical coding officer (Band 3)
medical secretary (Band 3-4)
clerical officer (wards) (Band 2)
personal assistant (Band 5)
assistant health records manager (Band 5)
Corporate services
These are examples of roles and the AfC bands at which they may be paid:
human resources adviser (Band 5) with managerial posts attracting higher bandings
finance team manager (Band 5)
Domestic services
These are examples of roles and the AfC bands at which they may be paid:
linen/laundry supervisor (Band 3)
domestic team leader (Band 2)
domestic support worker (Band 1)
Estates services
These are examples of roles and the AfC bands at which they may be paid:
estates maintenance worker (Bands 3-5)
estates officer entry level (Band 5)
estates manager (operations) (Band 7)
Support services
These are examples of roles and the AfC bands at which they may be paid:
security officer (Band 2)
central sterile supplies department supervisor (Band 3)
fire safety officer (Band 5)
Clinical support services
Your career as a clinical support worker could be in many healthcare disciplines in the NHS. Entry level support worker in the healthcare sciences, for example, could start at Agenda for Change band 1, rising to more advanced roles like assistant practitioner (radiography), maternity care assistant or healthcare scientist assistant at band 4. Typically clinical support worker roles would start at band 2, rising to band 3 for higher level support worker roles.


The following information gives an indication of which Agenda for Change pay bands certain job titles fit into and is based on the nationally produced job profiles. It can be used as a guide to the levels of pay, but please note that some job vacancies advertised in the NHS may carry slightly different job titles to those provided here.

Band 1
Catering support worker
CSSD/TSSU/HSDU support worker soft packs
Domestic support worker
Domestic support worker (hotel services)
Estates support worker
Finance assistant
Laundry assistant
Linen room assistant
Sewing room assistant
Supply chain porter
Theatre porter
Band 2
Clinical support worker nursing (community)
Clinical support worker nursing (hospital)
CSSD/TSSU/HSDU support worker full range
Domestic support worker - higher level
Domestic support worker - higher level (hotel services)
Domestic team leader
Estates support worker - higher level
Finance assistant - higher level
Health improvement , clerical officer
HR assistant
Porter - higher level
Procurement, assistant administrator
Receptionist (A&E)
Residential administrator
Residential housekeeper
Security officer
Stores clerk
Store keeper
Supply chain assistant
Band 3
Clinical coding officer
Cook team leader
Cook - higher level
Clinical support worker - higher level nursing (community)
Clinical support worker - higher level nursing (hospital)
Clinical support worker - higher level nursing (mental health)
CSSD supervisor
Domestic team manager
Estates maintenance worker
Finance officer
Health improvement resource assistant
HR assistant - higher level
Linen/laundry supervisor
Porter team leader
Procurement administrative officer
Project support officer
Security officer higher level
Sewing room supervisor
Supply chain assistant - higher level
Band 4
Communications/PR assistant
Cook team manager
Estates maintenance - higher level
Finance officer - higher level
Finance team leader
Health improvement resource assistant higher level
HR administrator
Legal secretary
Maintenance supervisor
Nursery nurse neonatal unit
Play specialist
Procurement administrative officer higher level
Project support officer higher level
Secretary higher level
Band 5
Assistant health records manager
Catering manager
Communications officer
Estates officer - entry level
Estates maintenance worker specialist
Estates maintenance worker team leader
Finance analyst
Finance team manager
Fire saftey officer
Health improvement practitioner
HR adviser
Play specialist - higher level/ team leader
Procurement officer
Project support manager
Business administrative manager
Band 6
Business /administrative manager - higher level
Catering manager - higher level
Estates officer (operations)
Estates officer (specialist services)
Estates officer projects
Hotel services manager
Finance Analyst (Specialist)
Finance section manager
Graphic designer
Health improvement practitioner specialist
HR adviser specialist
Band 7
Chaplain team manager
Commissioning manager
Communications manager
Estates manager (operations)
Estates officer specialist (specialist services)
Estates manager (projects)
Finance analyst - advanced
Finance department officer
Health improvement practitioner - advanced
Hotel services manager
HR team manager
HR adviser advanced
Improvement and development manager
Procurement team manager
Project team manager
Band 8 - band 9
Estates manager higher level (projects) (Band 8a-b)
Estates manager higher level (operations) (Band 8a-b)
Head of procurement and supply (Band 8a-b)
Health improvement principal (Band 8a-c)
HR manager principal (assistant director) (Band 8a-b)
Principal finance manager (Band 8a)
Programme manager (Band 8a)
Professional manager improvement and development (Band 8a-b)
Chief finance manager (Band 8b-8d)
Head of estates/ assistant head of estates (Band 8c-d)
HR head of service (Band 8b-d)
Director of estates and facilities (Band 8d-9)
Public health consultant (Band 8d-9)



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