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How we can help you

How we can help you

Step into the NHS is a website and communications programme that has been developed to encourage students in secondary and further education to think seriously about the range of career opportunities that the NHS can offer. To lighten the load on teachers and others responsible for giving careers advice, the programme is designed to be as engaging and comprehensive as possible - trying to anticipate the questions that students will have and providing clear answers.

Please encourage your students to visit the website and register with the programme. The website has a range of features to help students find out what they need to know about careers in the NHS to enable them to make more informed decisions about their future career.

  • Career mapper - The interactive career mapper quiz matches the sorts of things individuals enjoy doing with suggested careers, helping to guide them towards the NHS careers they're most suited to.
  • Careers A-Z - The handy A-Z provides a useful introduction to a selection of the 350 careers available in the NHS, including a description of a typical day at work and help on what to do next after GCSE and A-levels (or equivalent).
  • Videos and case studies - Students can view a range of video diaries telling them what it's really like to work in the NHS as well as learn about different jobs straight from the people who actually do them.

All students who join the Step into the NHS programme will also get exclusive access to the following:

  • Personalised information about the careers which interest them.
  • Regular email communication on a range of topics, particularly around the periods when they need to make key decisions that influence their future career options (for example, choosing their subjects for next year, or as exam results come out).
  • Answers to their careers questions.
  • Practical help and advice on finding work experience in the NHS in our smart guide which includes top tips and frequently asked questions.

Resources for teachers and careers advisers

NHS Careers has also created a range of resources to help you engage with individuals to whom you provide careers advice. These include:

  • A suite of 'Real life, your' online toolkit of resources and activities' and supporting materials addressed at Key stage 4 learners which can be delivered as part of work in citizenship, PSHE, English, drama, careers advice or the society health and development diploma.
  • A work experience toolkit about work experience in the NHS, with practical examples of how work experience needs have been accommodated in a variety of healthcare settings.
  • A course finder which lists all clinical courses leading to professional registration.
  • A termly e-newsletter to keep you up to date on the latest changes and developments in the various health professions.
  • Bulk ordering facility for literature and promotional materials and a specific point of contact for teachers and careers advisers.

Your local NHS

As well as the information provided by NHS Careers, practical help and resources should also be available through your local NHS trusts. Each trust has its own policies and ways of working, but may be able to:

  • organise periods of work experience for students, linked to curriculum and school timetables
  • identify volunteering opportunities where students can acquire some experience of the work that interests them
  • arrange for members of their staff to come into your school and talk about the work they do
  • stage open-days for students
  • run "preparation for" programmes across a range of work areas such as medicine, nursing, healthcare sciences and administration
  • provide information on the kinds of jobs currently available for school leavers

These experiences can be of real value as students decide what kind of career they may want to pursue. To find your local trust visit the NHS Choices website.